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This handsome hunk of beagle boy is Franklin! We are guessing that Frank is in the 8-10 year old range. This hunk was found roaming the streets of a rural area, dangerously close to being hit by cars. When we saw a picture of him on social media, along with his finder pleading for help we knew we couldn't turn down that face! Here at Saving GRACE we are major fans of the senior hound dogs, they always seem to be the perfect combination of super laid back, but still has that goofy hound dog streak break through. Franklin does not disappoint! He is a laid back fellow who likes to be by his people, and he loves to be scratched; if you scratch just the right spot on his back he shakes his whole body! It is so cute :) Franklin would love a family of his own to spend his golden years in. If you are looking for a couch potato pup to keep you company and still go on walks, Franklin is definitely your dude!
Franklin has been neutered, microchipped, fully vaccinated, dewormed, and has had a full dental (he came to us with some gnarly chompers!). He is a foster dog through Saving GRACE and his adoption fee is $150. If you are interested in our boy Frank the Tank, please go to our website and fill out an adoption application.


THUMPER: Terrier/Hound Mixed Male, 1 year old

Meet Thumper! This handsome little chunk is a terrier/hound mixed male; he is roughly a year old. He is the perfect full grown size at about forty pounds. One of our lovely SG volunteers often goes to the local animal control to meet/rescue new animals when they have space. On this particular day one of the animal control workers pleaded with our volunteer to meet two young dogs that showed so much sweetness and potential, but were very scared in the loud shelter setting. Thumper was the first pup she met, he didn’t make eye contact with the volunteer, but as soon as she began petting him his tail started wagging like crazy and thumping loudly against the side of the metal cage. That is how Thumper got his name. Thumper, along with his sister, officially became Saving GRACE fosters. They were both terrified when they were first brought home, but it didn’t take long for their true personalities to shine. Thumper is a total ham and absolutely loves tummy rubs. He is so sweet how he army crawls into your lap and begs to have his belly rubbed, and then falls fast asleep. Thumper still needs to work on getting used to life as a spoiled indoor dog, but at this point finding his forever home to continue to blossom in is the best idea. Thumper is just one of those dogs that is really special, and that you know is going to continue to bloom and grow into one of the best dogs you will ever have! He has been neutered, microchipped, fully vaccinated, heartworm tested negative and more. His adoption fee is $175 and he is a foster dog through Saving GRACE. If you are looking to add a special and super sweet new dog to your family, Thumper is the boy for you!

LEENA: Hound/Jack Russell Mixed Female, 1.5 Years Old

This gorgeous mutt gal is Leena! She is around two years old and the perfect size at a little over forty pounds. Leena's story has built her up a huge following, but in case you don't know why Leena is the toughest, most amazing dog around we will tell you. 

Leena became a part of the SG family after a kind woman asked for our help; she told us that she knew of a dog that had been hit by a car and left in a ditch to die. Finally after TWO days somebody saved her and brought her to the vet where it was discovered that she had broken both femurs, her pelvis, and was heartworm positive! Leena came from a tiny town in Missouri where they don't even have an animal control, so it was no surprise to us that the vet out there didn't think Leena's life was worth saving. Once we saw her face and heard her story we knew we needed to save her. I mean... she survived two days in a ditch... how did she not deserve a fighting chance to live?!? We talked the vet out of euthanizing her, and Leena was brought to our amazing vet hospital the next day! 

Leena endured two leg surgeries, having her legs bandaged together and having to wear a diaper for a month, AND heartworm treatment. Leena can now walk, run, and even jump! She loves chasing critters outside and plays with toys like a mad woman now. Watching Leena's transformation from a broken stray, to a spoiled rotten house dog has been an amazing experience for all involved. She went from avoiding people and eye contact, to becoming a shadow to those she loves! Needless to say we will be extra picky when finding her the perfect home! If ever a dog deserved to be the most loved and spoiled pup in the land, it's Leena!

Leena's perfect home would include another dog and a fenced in yard for sure. She does amazing with cats, dogs, and kids. She had a little human foster sister that sat and read her books while she recovered. They love each other! Leena is seriously awesome (if you haven't figured that out by now), but for the sake of rambling non-stop her bio will end here and we can answer any questions you may have. 

Leena is a foster through Saving GRACE, her adoption fee is $175 (her vet bills totaled over two grand!). If you're interested in Leena please fill out an adoption application. 



SMILEY: Terrier/Hound Mixed Female, 1 year old

Meet Smiley! Smiley is a gorgeous little terrier, hound mixed female; she is roughly a year old. She is the perfect full grown size at about thirty pounds. One of our lovely SG volunteers often goes to the local animal control to meet/rescue new animals when they have space. On this particular day one of the animal control workers pleaded with our volunteer to meet two young dogs that showed so much sweetness and potential, but were very scared in the loud shelter setting. She met Smiley’s brother first and immediately fell in love, so she knew she would feel the same about his sister as well. When first laid eyes on Smiley, she went straight into a submissive bow and just grinned at her non-stop; she was named Smiley within the first few seconds of being met! Smiley has been doing great out of the shelter environment and coming out of her shell more and more every day; she still smiles more than any other dog we have ever met! Smiley is still fairly shy, but her truly amazing personality is bubbling right at the surface. At this point finding her forever home would be amazing, and the best way for her full potential to really burst out! She is just such a special dog, and we know that somebody out there will realize this and add her to their family; it will be the best decision they’ve ever made! Smiley has been spayed, microchipped, fully vaccinated, heartworm tested, and more. Her adoption fee is $175 and she is a foster dog through Saving GRACE. Smiley is an amazing little dog, that deserves to spend the rest of her life with a family that spoils her rotten and treats her like the queen she is!


LARRY: Boxer Mixed Male, 2 Years Old
Our handsome boxer mixed boy, Larry, is ready to find his furever home! Larry is around two years old, and he's basically perfect. He's so sweet and friendly, he loves everyone and every dog he's ever met. Larry is the perfect combination of laid back and playful, he really enjoys trying to fit into people's laps to snuggle and romping around with his canine foster siblings. And he's house broken too! Literally everyone who's met Larry has become completely smitten with him immediately! I mean really... look at that mug... how could you not fall in love?!?
Larry's adoption fee is $175 and he will be neutered, microchipped, fully vaccinated, heartworm tested negative, and more. If you think that Larry should be your new, super awesome family member please go to our website and fill out an adoption application!


MEMPHIS: Cattle Dog/Basenji Mix, Male, 1 Year Old

Meet the dapper Mr. Memphis! Memphis is a heeler/Basenji mixed male; he is roughly a year old. The lovely Saving GRACE volunteers received an email from their local animal control about a sweet little pup in need of a rescue. This little guy was lovingly dubbed “happy feet” by the shelter staff, as he is constantly dancing on his tippy toes when he is happy (which is all the time).  Since Happy Feet is a bit of an odd name for an animal, we decided to name him after one of the characters from the movie; everyone voted the Memphis was the best name for him. Memphis is a great size dog at about 35-40 pounds, and he has such a fun and goofy little personality about him! Between his personality and his super soft fur, it doesn’t take long to fall in love with this little guy! He is an active pup, who would love an active family with a fenced in yard to romp in. Memphis is neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped, heartworm tested negative, and more. All he needs now is a family to love him and spoil him rotten! He is a foster through Saving GRACE and his adoption fee is $175.


HOMBRE: Lab/Terrier Mix, Male, 2 Years Old

This goofy hunk of man dog is Hombre! He's a lab/Terrier mix, and we are guessing he's about 1.5-2 years old. It was love at first sight the moment I stepped in front of Hombre's cage at our local animal control! His sweet personality and silky soft coat won me (and everyone who's met him so far) over in an instant! Hombre is the kind of dude who has no enemies, everyone he meets is his bestie right off the bat! He was overjoyed to go bye bye when I sprung him from doggy jail; and when he got to class he was beside himself with the amount of attention and toys that surrounded him! 
He is one cool dude needless to say! He would love a home with a fenced yard and an active family or another dog to play with. He cannot go to a home with cats, he is very interested in them and we are not sure of his intentions. With his personality I feel like he wants to play with and love them, but maybe just a bit too rough. Besides that little trait he is pretty much amazing! 
Hombre will be fully vetted and ready for his home soon! He will be neutered, microchipped, up to date on vaccinations, heartworm tested negative, and much more. His adoption fee is $175.00. If you're looking for a big lug of love to add to the family, then Hombre is your boy!


CHYNA: Female Terrier Mix, 2 Years Old

Meet Chyna! Chyna is a gorgeous terrier/lab mixed girl; she is roughly is two years old. Chyna was found running the streets as a stray, and brought to a local animal control. One of our lovely Saving GRACE volunteers often pulls dogs from this shelter, and had seen Chyna sitting in her cage ever so politely and quietly. With her snow white fur and her light hazel eyes, she is hard not to miss. On this volunteer’s third trip to animal control, there was Chyna, sitting so sweetly at the front of her cage, pleading to get of there. And that day, she did in fact get out! Chyna rode in the car great, met all of her new foster dog siblings very politely, and has been nothing but an easy going doll baby! Chyna is spayed, microchipped, fully vaccinated, heartworm tested negative, and more. This gorgeous girl has been patiently waiting for a family to call her own for quite some time now. If you are in the market for an adult dog that is laid back, and just a beautiful soul inside and out, then Chyna is your girl! She is a foster through Saving GRACE and her adoption fee is $175.


BELLA: Female Chihuahua Mix, 7 Years Old
This sweet little love nugget is Bella!! She is a chihuahua mix, and she's about 7 years old. Poor Bella's owner ended up in the hospital and left Bella without a home. Before she made her way to Saving GRACE she was cared for by a great gal who loved her a ton, but was unable to keep her. So Bella is hanging with us until her furever family can be found! Bella's perfect family would be one that understands the way of the Chi; while she's a mix she's all chihuahua in her heart. This means she is the boss of all the foster dogs (all of which are over sixty pounds), and she barks at strangers at first. She's a mastiff stuffed into an eight pound frame! However, after a hand sniff and a chin scratch Bella totally melts! Once she loves you, you're in the club; Chi people know exactly what I'm talking about!! She's spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, heartworm tested negative, and more. Bella is just an all around excellent little gal looking for a family who will fill her days with love and tummy rubs :)


KERMIT: Male Pekingese, 9 years old
Meet the dapper Mr. Kermit! This handsome senior Peke found his way into an animal control recently, how he ended up there unwanted and unclaimed is unknown to us. What we do know is the we took one look at that mug and knew he would fit into Saving GRACE perfectly! He has been a laid back lover from the very start. He let us groom him all up with no issues, and was so happy to have all these new people fawning all over him and giving him attention. 
The day after Kermit arrived into our care he met the vet, and had a nice thorough exam. He has limited sight due to cataracts and a decent heart murmur, which isn't too terrible considering he's a 9 year old purebred Pekingese! Kermit is a super happy and lovable dude. He has a special senior adoption fee of $100. All he needs is a home to retire to with a chill family looking for a lazy little frog dog named Kermit to add to their heart and home :)


BOWSER: Catahoula Mix, Male, 1.5 Years Old

Meet Bowser!! He is a very unique looking Catahoula Leopard Dog, and he is about 1-1.5 years old. Bowser just may be the gooniest dude ever; he keeps us  laughing all day. His mannerisms aren't different than the average, dopey puppy... but between his colors and ice blue eyes he just looks kooky. He's gotten along perfectly with the pack of foster pups, and would definitely appreciate a family with another playful dog and a fenced yard. From what it sounds like Bowser has lived most of his life as an outdoor dog; which is likely the reason he doesn't like going outside without his people now. He has become accustomed to the indoor dog life, and never wants to live the life of an outdoor, yard dog again!  He is just a goofy, love bug with great charisma, that's for sure. Bowser is neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped, heartworm tested negative, and more. Anybody looking to add a class clown to the family?? Then Bowser is most certainly the dog for you!!